Set Right Automotives



We repair all kinds of brake issues that you are likely to encounter such as brake pad issues, brake fluid replacement, brake disc or drum issues and brake calliper problems.

Car Suspension


We repair all kinds of suspension issues that you are likely to encounter such as sagging springs, leaking shocks, ball joint issues, tie rod end issues and strut mounting issues.

Car Steering


We repair all kinds of steering issues that you are likely to encounter such as steering vibrations, stiff steering, steering fluid leaks/top-ups and off centre steering.


Control Arm Bushes & Joints

We repair all kinds of control arm bushes & joints issues that you are likely to encounter such as squeaking sound when turning, knocking or clunking noises when going over bumps and steering wheel vibrations.

Car Transmission


We repair all kinds of transmission issues that you are likely to encounter such as worn gear synchronizers, worn clutch, failed needle roller problems and transmission fluid issues.


Mechanical Accessory Fitments

We can fit any and all type of mechanical accessories.

Treat Your Car With SR Auto Professional Mechanical Repair Service

SR Auto provides the complete range of professional auto mechanical repairs service, -to restore to assist get your relied-on car again on the street. If your car is nicely maintained, you don’t need to go for the auto mechanical repairs. Only professional service would be enough, but no worries when SR Auto is here. We have enough skill, equipment and knowledge to give you a quick suggestion and repair for your car.  No other auto repair garage will provide better price or provider for all of your mechanical and protection wishes.As an expert- owned and operated car mechanical service provider, it's miles our aim to offer you with excellent price, integrity, and reliability.  As you know, there are several garages in Tasmania, Australia.  Each car restore is particular in that we deal with your automobile as though it has been our own.

What You Can Get from Us?

We are devoted to well-timed suitable upkeep and constructing an enduring relationship with our valued clients. We can maintain your car and make it appropriate that so it can run on the street longer and at a less costly charge. Our Mechanic Tasmania expert restores everything, and it will feature paintings with you till we get upkeep performed proper and made you satisfied.

Services Includes: 
🔧Company Services (Up To Some Miles) 
🔧Accessories Replacements (Belt, Tire, Etc) 
🔧Preventative Maintenance 
🔧Change Oil, Fuel Check, Wheel Alignment 
🔧Aircon Cooling Checking And Repairs 

We additionally have the maximum superior diagnostic system, skilled car service Tasmania mechanics that can help us for repairing the car also make it accessible without difficulty to decide why that in your engine. We can manage entirety from an oil change, to complete engine replacement and many more things in your car.

Let’s Connect For Your Automobile! 

Instead of counting on coupons to find the discount, connect with us for a good deal. This auto repair garage is trusted; we value customer’s money and time. Many of our clients were long term purchasers and produced in all in their family’s motors to us. In the auto repair garage Tasmania, in which you select to get your automobile constant could make an enormous distinction withinside the provider. Bring your automobile to us, we can have ready like new!