3 Common Car Noises and Their Causes

3 Common Car Noises and Their Causes

Is your old car making some annoying sound which makes you frustrated? We understand that you have invested a fair amount of money in it and now it is giving you some annoying sound in return. There are several types of noises that your car makes, and you require professional car service in Tasmania to make your vehicle perform efficiently. Whether the engine, wheels or any other part is affected, an experienced car service centre will offer the best outcomes. 

It is hard for you to find out the real source of the noise which is coming from the vehicle, and you always need professional guidance to get exceptional outcomes. When it is making unnecessary noise, we know that something is wrong with our vehicle and all we can do is make assumptions. So, before it causes your vehicle significant harm here are some common car noises and their causes to help you witness better advantages. 

Here are Three Common Car Noise and Their Causes:

1) Squealing Noise 

Have you listened to a prolonged sound from your tires when steering wheels? If this is what is called squealing noise. It only occurs when you are pulling your tires at a faster speed, or else your tires will work normally. The most common reason for such sound is underinflated tires and when you are feeling this, make sure you get your tires filled with enough air. If you are not feeling the air on time, then it can cause serious issues in your vehicle. So, to keep your vehicle away from this sound, make sure you fill the air regularly. 

2) Humming Noise 

Another type of vehicle noise that you witness is Humming noise, which commonly occurs on most of the road surfaces. The simple occurrence of noise on your vehicle is normal, but when it increases at a certain level, it causes a real problem to your vehicle. Such kind of problem occurs due to the condition of tires with uneven tread wear.

To cure this problem, you should rotate the wheels regularly and perform wheel alignment proficiently. So, by following these tips, you can efficiently cure this humming noise of your vehicle. You can also consult any professional auto electrical repair in Tasmania to make your vehicle work proficiently. 

3) Brake Noise

Braking noises are another type of noise that occurs when you are braking. The braking system in a car is a very stressful process and requires a lot of energy to use it. If you are listening to an annoying noise from your vehicle while braking, then there is some serious issue in your vehicle, and you require professional care. 

Wrapping Up 

There are several minor problems in your vehicle which you need to take care of to keep your vehicle healthy and proficient. Whether it be a simple noise from the brake or regular servicing, make sure you always observe every problem in your vehicle to witness exceptional outcomes. Make sure you won't ignore the above-discussed noises from your vehicle to keep your vehicle problem from getting worse. 

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